Born Oct 15, 1973 in Manhattan New York. His parents were traveling musicians in a band. Mom was a vocalist, & his father was a drummer. His parents divorced when he was around 3 years old. Bonaventura & his mother then relocated to South Florida.

Bonaventura started his career back in 2005 working as an extra on the set of Miami Vice the movie, directed by Michael Mann. He has come along way since then, booking roles in dozens of indie-film projects, various hit television shows such as CSI Miami, Soprano's, Burn Notice, Americas Most Wanted, One Tree Hill, as well as appeared in Reality Tv, Music Videos, 
and Sag-National Commercials.

Bonaventura is also the producer of a powerful real life 30 minute documentary "Roxy Road" about the "Oxycontin Pill Epidemic" in South Florida, and 3 woman who escort to support their drug habit. Currently on youtube with over 800, 000 views.​

Actor / Director / Film Producer
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